Beyond the Tartan 

This musical tour has it all when it comes to exploring Scotland! You begin the 10 day tour in the capital city- Edinburgh. For the first four days you are shown around by a true local, one of our fantastic tour guides. You’ll experience historic must-see tourist sites, such as Edinburgh Castle, Old Town and Grassmarket to name a few, but you’ll also get to see how modern Scottish people enjoy themselves with cultural events, music and meals peppered around the city.

On Day 4 we head north into the highlands, where your mental image of our beautiful country will be challenged and expanded with every kilometre travelled. We’ll see castles, mountains, glens, monuments, sheep (lots of sheep), rivers, lochs and the sea- all on our first day out of Edinburgh!

Over the course of the days to follow your cameras and phones will be filled with beautiful photographs of the Highland and Island landscape, local flora and fauna, and with luck some of the magic you experience as well. We’ll take you to historic sites and sites of folktales, but don’t worry about having your schedule too full as you will also be given plenty of time to explore on your own throughout our journey together.

You’ll hear Scottish music, taste traditional food and, of course, hear traditional stories from our talented and friendly tour guides. Come along and explore our country with like-minded people on a tour that is sure to expand your horizons to an unforgettable musical score.

Current Tour Leaders for this tour in 2023 are: 

  • Caroline Cotter- May 14th – 24th
  • Buddy Mondlock & Mike Lindauer- May 23rd to June 2nd  (SOLD OUT!)
  • Kate Campbell- June 13th – 23rd  (SOLD OUT!)
  • David Roth- June 24th – July 4th  (SOLD OUT!)
  • Tim Grim – July 13th – 23rd (ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFT!)
  • Barb Bowers- July 21st – 31st  (SOLD OUT!)
  • Kitty Donohoe- September 2nd – 12th  (ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFT!)
  • Jason Wilber- September 10th – 20th
  • Kyle Carey- September 20th – 30th
  • Katie Dahl- September 28th – October 8th
  • David Roth- October 13th – 23rd


$3,000 per person for double occupancy

$3,500 per person for single occupancy


  • 11 day tour
    • *Please note the first day, your Arrival Day, has no official events and is an opportunity for you to settle in before events start the following day. Accommodation is still included this night.
  • 10 nights of accommodation
  • Breakfasts every morning
  • Three group meals
  • Ferries during the tour
  • Entrance fees to all activities, events, sites and landmarks during the tour
  • Live music sessions
  • Group transport to the airport on the last day of the tour- your Departure Day.


  • Flights
  • Transport from the airport upon arrival
  • Lunches and all non-group dinners. 



We strongly encourage you to purchase trip insurance to protect your investment in case you have to cancel your trip.  Depending on what level you purchase, trip insurance can cover most anything involved with your trip.  That can include flights, bags, delays, health care, etc., and if for whatever illness or family related reason you have to cancel after the refund deadline, they will cover it. On the off-chance a person were to test positive for COVID on our Tour, we will do the best to help secure transport and accommodation for the limited quarantine. We may be able to refund some fees that we are able to be reimbursed for– but this is strictly on a case-by-case basis. Please note, we will be unable to reimburse the entire Tour cost which is why we recommend getting Travel Insurance.